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Securing Cyber Mondays: Embracing Diversity in Cybersecurity Teams

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Cyber Monday, the digital shopping extravaganza, is not just about bagging the best deals; it's also an opportune time to reflect on the importance diversity has within cybersecurity teams.

Source (Zipdo, 2023)

The statistics above still show there is a lot opportunity to increase representation within cybersecurity. When considering your next hiring needs, here are other factors to keep in mind to ensure the best fit for your organization's needs, overall team culture, and positive impact you and your organization can make in this high demand industry.

Innovation, collaboration, & adaptability = profitable

Ultimately, we understand the importance of profitability for companies, but navigating financial targets in the dynamic cybersecurity sphere is like chasing a moving target. For companies placing emphasis on diversity, the elevated likelihood of financial success is driven by sparked innovation, improved collaboration, and adaptability. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quartile for ethical and cultural diversity are 33% more likely to outperform their peers in terms of profitability. (McKinsey, 2018).

Expand talent pipeline

The growing job demands within cybersecurity continues to increase and yet there seems to still be a talent shortage. Attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds begins by valuing distinctive perspectives. While experiences such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing show potential in tackling cyber threats, it's essential to recognize that technology alone isn't sufficient. Embracing a diverse range of skills and backgrounds expands the talent pool significantly. This is the essence of why diverse teams outshine individuals in decision-making 87 percent of the time. (Microsoft, 2023)

Help break groupthink

Recruiting talent with specific backgrounds are no longer just related to technical work experience. Companies are now seeking those from different cultures, ethnicities, genders, races, physical and mental ability and socio-economic backgrounds. Hiring diverse talent in cybersecurity is not just a nice to have, it is critical to reduce groupthink that can hinder response to the increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, especially around a digital extravaganza, such as Cyber Monday.   (Washington Center, 2023)

Technology only goes so far, focus on your people

Even with the available technology to put the right program place, at the core of it all is a team of people. They work together to design processes and strategy. They work tirelessly every day and sometimes even long nights to protect their organization and its customers. In short, people are at the heart of any cybersecurity efforts. By having an inclusive, collaborative work environment, this is why creating a diverse and inclusive team is so important. (Security Intelligence, 2022)

Taking action

After reading this, you may start to ask yourself, “What should I do now?

At Nimble Technology Partners, we help companies find diverse talent based on what is essential and a priority for their cybersecurity workforce. Some actions to consider might include:

  • Broadening the scope of job qualifications

  • Consider diverse recruitment sources to reach a broader talent pool

  • Encouraging underrepresented groups in your recruitment process through social platforms

  • Make your hiring process more accessible

By embracing inclusivity, fortify the ability to protect against cyber threats and contribute to a more resilient and innovative cybersecurity landscape! In turn, you'll increase profitability and create a happier, healthier workforce! Win, win, all around!

Hire your next best talent to create a diverse, inclusive, and happier workforce, by contacting our team today!

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