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Stay ahead and be nimble 

Bring in the expertise you need to meet the changing demands in your business and in today's workforce.

 Your trusted partner for flexible hiring with staff augmentation &
contingent workforce solutions.

​Here at Nimble Technology Partners, our number one priority is to ensure we find you the best talent that helps you address your business needs today, so you can plan for tomorrow's success. No matter what the requisition or skill, we promise to keep people and expertise at the center of what we do so both businesses and consultants win.

What is
staff augmentation?

Companies utilize contingent labor in the form of staff augmentation when they choose not to hire directly, and instead go through a staffing agency to find and provide contract professionals, or consultants.

Expertise + People Experiences = A win for all

Flexible & scalable for changing market & industry demands

Access to specialized skills & fresh perpsectives 

Cost effective solution

Ability to trial job scopes and candidates for permanent roles

Employee leave & temporary help

Why Staff Augmentation?

Do I need help with my projects that need to be addressed today, but need more time to plan for the future?

Do I have a very specific need that requires a specialized skill?

Do I have an upcoming employee leave where I can't ask my team to do more work, I need help until they return?

Is it right for my business?

How we do staff augmentation

Expertise first
and foremost

We believe in closing the gap between traditional staffing & recruiting practices by bringing in expertise from those that have done the jobs you're looking to hire. With the power of our industry experts + recruiting engine, our vetting process is ensures no time is wasted on yours or the candidate's watch.

Business People Having Fun

Build success
plans together

While expertly-vetting talent is our priority, we know that  employees thrive when there is a plan that is aligned to by both themselves and the business. We work with you to outline basic success metrics to ensure alignment throughout our entire process so that they can be ready for the first day and throughout their entire contract.

Business Meeting at a Cafe
Business Meeting

Onboard & integrate
on to your team

As part of our solutions, our industry experts can be as involved as you need them to be, in addition to the candidate we place. Whether you just need a search, if you need help building an onboarding plan or even if you need access to our experts as a consultant, we want to help your business beyond just a placement.

Business People Applauding
Business Plan

Our consultants are
your employees too

Success comes not only from the expertise they bring as consultants, but the support and feeling as being part of the team. Our process for finding and placing consultants, while grounded in expertise, is to always create memorable experiences from their first interaction with us, all the way to the end of an engagement with our clients.

Business Meeting at a Cafe
Business Meeting

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Should staff augmentation be a part of your talent strategy?

Book a free consultation to see how we can help you with your flexible hiring needs today.

Looking for your
next opportunity?

Join our talent and professional community to keep up-to-date with the latest opportunities or learn more how you can be a part of our industry experts database!

What we specialize in

We help job seekers secure all types of positions:

Contract | Contract-to-Hire | Direct Hire | Fractional Work


While we can assist with helping to fill all types of positions, currently we specialize filling needs across with these disciplines: 


IT & Engineering

Application Development | Business Intelligence | Data Management | DevOps | Engineering | ERP |Information Security | Infrastructure | IT Architecture | IT Support | Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence |Network Administration | Program / Project Management | Quality Assurance | Software Development | Web Design



Brand Management | Campaign Management | Content | Creative Services | Demand Generation | Digital Marketing | Integrated Marketing | Marketing Operations | Partner Marketing | Product Marketing | SEO

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