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Are you Considering Contract Work? The Benefits of Moving to Consulting

It’s sometimes hard to believe there was a time where entering into the workforce meant that getting the"full-time job" was a sense of stability and room to grow into your career at one company, if you desired. What used to be the feeling of having control where you worked and having the ultimate choice to hold on to that role as long as you needed to, seemed like remained your decision. Whether it was because you were ready to start your new challenge, escaping a bad manager (we hate when that’s the case!) or wanting to stay until you retire, the ball was most of the time in your court.

With what seems like almost annual, cyclical layoffs, and even some happening more than once a year, professionals are more than ever are looking at ways to consider other ways to not be fully dependent on one full-time role.

While a lot of benefits are easier to evaluate for contract positions from a business standpoint, the increase in professionals shifting from “employee” to “consultant” is increasing as more and more professionals are more open to these types of opportunities.

Here are the top benefits of contract work: (and we know it’s not ideal for everyone, but just some items to consider!)

Benefits of being a consultant

Higher pay rates

As a consultant, being able to set your own pay rate can be a huge advantage and upside of choosing to go this route. With the idea that these types of professionals have a very specific set of skills that are niche, most companies are willing to pay a higher price tag for said expertise. This is not only beneficial for the company, given it being a cost efficient solution to ensure certain projects and work get done in a desired timeline, but hugely beneficial for you as a consultant. While sometimes the downside is that most of the time, these types of contract positions do not offer benefits, having that higher pay rate can sometimes help offset that, and then some.

Clearer job scopes

While there is still a large level of accountability on job responsibilities, the majority of the time you are being brought on for a specific set of services or projects. Frustrations that most employees face is the lack of clarity on what their roles & responsibilities actually are, causing frustration, decreased employee satisfaction and sometimes even high turnover. Having a clear understanding of a job scope ensures clarity on both ends and less ambiguity, making outcomes clearer.

A lot of “new”

“New” challenges, “new” people, “new” ways of working and “new” work environments. While tenure at a company shows your commitment and is very admirable, sometimes only having exposure to a limited way of how things can be done can be limiting. With the number of successful businesses out there, not every one of those are following the same recipe. Being able to expose yourself to new challenges, projects, industries, and ways of working can not only add to your tool box, but you're able to bring that expertise to your next project.

More independence & autonomy

Having more control over specific projects you take on and when your schedule allows puts the ultimate keys in your hand. Also, with what seems like cyclical events of annual layoffs and the unfortunate unpredictability of job security, you can have the ultimate control over the career path you want to create.

As businesses continue to navigate through the ever changing technology landscape and competitive market, the need for professionals with specific skills to meet business objectives is more crucial than ever.

We know that while these benefits are great, contract work still might not be realistic for some, which is totally okay! If you are considering making that shift into consulting, as a professional, your specific skills can be what companies are looking for, so capitalize on it!

Here at Nimble Technology Partners, whether you’re looking to explore into the world of contract work or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re here to help match you to the businesses looking for what you have to offer!

Join our consultant network and bring your expertise to the table!

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